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Meijin is a professional research and development, valve, air pump, radiator fan, radiator, motor, water pump, mechanical and electrical equipment, hysteresis brake, hysteresis clutch, tension controller, brushless DC grinder, production and marketing, technical promotion and service.
      Products are widely used in electronic sphygmomanometers, monitors, analyzers, sniffers, oxygen generators, inflatable products, eye nurses, atomizers, ozone generators, milk suckers, aromatherapy machines, beverage machines, coffee machines, leg machines, eye massagers and other health care devices, radiation systems, wire and cable machines, fiber machines, fiberglass machines, fiberglass machines, etc. Paper machines, printers, winders, household appliances, automation equipment, textile machinery, coffee pots, coffee cups, water dispensers, juicers, small fountains, aquariums, hot water showers, mechanical cooling water circulation, tall building water supply, garden sprinklers, irrigation, automotive industry, craft engraving, electromechanical equipment, electronic instruments and meters Industry and many other fields.



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