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Enterprise introduction

1. Dongguan Meijin Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is located in Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. Dalingshan Town is the transportation hub of the Pearl River Delta. Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway, Changhu Expressway, Guanshen Expressway, Wanchao Expressway, and Guanhui Expressway have import and export stations in the Daling Mountainous Area.
2. Meijin Company is a professional research and development, air valve, air pump, cooling fan, radiator, motor, water pump, electromechanical equipment, hysteresis brake, hysteresis clutch, tension controller, brushless DC grinding machine, production and sales, technology promotion And services.
3. Products are widely used in electronic blood pressure monitors, monitors, analyzers, nasal aspirator, oxygen generators, inflatable products, eye care, nebulizers, ozone generators, breast pumps, aromatherapy machines, beverage machines, coffee machines , leg machines, eye massagers and other health care devices, cooling systems, wire and cable machines, fiber optic machines, fiberglass machines, paper machines, printing machines, winding machines, household appliances, automation equipment, textile machinery, coffee makers, coffee Cups, water dispensers, juice machines, small fountains, aquariums, hot water showers, mechanical cooling water circulation, high-rise water supply, garden sprinklers, irrigation, automotive industry, process engraving, electromechanical equipment, electronic instrumentation, industrial and many other fields.
4. Dongguan Meijin Electromechanical Co., Ltd. provides customers with excellent service and high quality products based on the principle of customer first and quality first. The company's corporate philosophy is "technology first, quality-oriented, customer first, honest and trustworthy", is willing to serve you with sincerity and sincerity.
5. Company Service Phone: 0769-81271414
Mr. Jiang: 018128597636
Miss Dai: 018198822736
Company official website: http://www.meijin68.com
Alibaba official website domain name: http://www.meijin68.xin
E-mail: jiangmeisheng01@163.com/QQ: 1462046914 / micro signal: 18128597636