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Water pump sample

(1) Product description and use: the product can be designed according to the customer's requirements for voltage, flow, lift, water pressure, scope of use: CoffeeMachine, coffee pot, coffee cup, water dispenser, fruit juice machine, warm mattress, small fountain, aquarium, radiator circulating water cooling, hot water shower, water heater circulating cooling, solar hot water circulation, high-rise water supply, garden watering, irrigation, mechanical circulating water cooling, industrial water pump, etc.

      (2) Mj-168 water pump is suitable for water temperature mattress: working voltage 220v-240v, rated speed 3000r / min, rated power, 3W input 0.6W output, lift 0.95m/flow 300L / h, insulation grade e working system Si, rated frequency 50Hz, working water temperature 70 degrees, long service life, low noise, etc.